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Efficiently eating food

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So my sister is vegetarian, and I've always made fun of her because the way she explains to me is that she feels bad for eating the chicken. And to me, it doesn't make sense. I cannot empathize with with that because I'm very scientific. And to me, eating a chicken or a cow is just part of the food. Cain right. But recently I found out that the real benefit is for the planet

I’m no vegetarian myself but this is what I’ve learnt #environment #food #vegetarian

Sudha Varadarajan
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And there's a lot of research done in the vagus nerve that runs between your gut and your brain and transmits your gut bacteria to your brain. And how a lot of the bacteria in your brain from your gut play a part in some of the neurological problems that you undergo. So eating a plant based diet does change the microbiome of your gut, leading to a healthier body is what research is finding these days
Malaika Stanley
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Hello. I wanted to reply to this because I was I've recently I've been vegetarian for about two and a half months, so I'm a newbie, but I would agree with what you said. I became and vegetarian not only for the environment, but I think you said it was your sister. I felt empathy for the animals. I feel bad. And I think another reason why the reason why I felt bad for the animals is because they were really just being born to die
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