Zainul Cain
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What’s the best TV show/series you have watched ?

So I'm gonna try something different. And I'm gonna ask all of you, what is the best TV show you have watched? Tv show, of series that you have watched. It doesn't matter how old it is or how new it with this. Just comment below with your voice. What is the best TV show you've ever watched? For me, it would be Big Bang theory

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Dragon Furi
@DragonzEyeMag1 · 0:10
My husband and I have watched Star Trek and Discovery in particular, season Three. That's our favorite, all time
Neal Damiano
@NealD · 1:17
Oh, wow, too many to list, but I can name a few. When I was in high school, I always loved my so called life. It was only on for one season. It was a true, honest and real account of high school school life with genuine teen angst. About a young 15 year old teenager in Pittsburgh going through troubles in high school and dealing with her parents
David Peterson
@david_peterson · 0:53
It's a little cheesy at times these days, and the graphics uses CGI, which is dated a little bit now, but if you watch it on HBO Max or buy it from itunes, it still looks pretty decent, and it kind of showed what you Cain do with a TV show. If you were willing to have the story go for more than one episode and continue it over a whole season in or even a whole series of five seasons. So that's when I pick Apollo and
Jeffrey Prete
@JeffP · 3:08
You could watch it right now, and it's completely awesome. The new one that came out like a couple of years ago is terrible. That's not good at all. Don't watch that. But watch the original, like, starting with the pilot and then season one and season two. I think it's like 1990 to 91
Sohini Joarder
@Rover_Phoenix · 0:40
I don't have one. I have three right now. First is, I would say money, heist or La Casa de Papel. I mean the planning and the execution and the timing of everything and the anticipation. I loved it. Second, is Lucifer like dealing with societal norms, but in a heavenly manner, rather, third is lost in space. I just love these three series. And for me, these are the best right now. Also, the board type is really good