Good Morning:☀️ Don’t Chase Shadows

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So if there is something going on with you in the now, if you're feeling sad in the now, if you're feeling pain in the now, that means you have to face it. Thinking about the past and worrying about a future that hasn't even happened and that you have no control over is only going to cause further stress and anxiety. So today, I just want you to live in the moment. We only get these moments once before they become the past. So enjoy your day

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Al Cosby
@Cosbyal4165 · 2:45
And like you said, when people drum up the past, a lot of the time what happens is it may be a portion of that past that was not so good and everybody's guilty of this, as quiet as is kept
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Erica and Bun Bun
@BunBunsBookPick · 1:18
I really love that because the present is definitely a gift. It's the gift that God gives us, especially every day when we wake up on this side of the earth. So, yeah, thank you again and and you have a great and blessed day
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