Have You Ever Read a Story Where the Point Of View Caused You To Empathize With The "Bad Guy?"

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She literally stole a manuscript from someone and passed it on as her own. But as you're reading it, you're in her head. You're experiencing her thoughts leading up to taking it. You're experiencing her confusion, her fears, even her intense envy and jealousy. And she's really crafty with words, the main character, but we're in her head, so it evokes certain emotions out of you, and you know that what she did was still wrong

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Kwa NateKo
@kwa · 4:44


So I tend to see myself as somebody with a lot of, I guess, empathy. But I would be kind of upset at this case. Part of the reason is I'm not going to say used to write for a living, but I used to do a lot of freelance writing. And particularly with nonfiction work, the way I build my stuff is that I really appreciate simple sentences
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Erica and Bun Bun
@BunBunsBookPick · 1:58
So from the very first chapter, I'm already not on her team because of all the work, like you said, all the work that a person pours into writing and publishing and then for someone to just come and take it which is why she ends up going through what she goes through. Karma is something else. But, yeah, I've read fiction where I was in the head of the villain
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