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The Airbnb story - lessons from their early days

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The Airbnb IPO was in the news this week. It's an amazing success story, but this article by Paul Graham at Y Combinator is a really good one that talks about how they startup out and the lessons they learned earned until they kind of finally took off in terms of growth, the things that stuck out to me, I think two things all entrepreneurs can take is it is always a struggle. You have to kind of really slog it out. In hindsight, is such a huge success story

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Bowie Rowan
@bowie · 1:58


And I'm really curious to see what amazing businesses and products and things that make our lives better, and hopefully the world a better place from this time of great difficulty. Another thing that you had said about the founder is not giving up because there was something about what they were offering that they knew was special, and they couldn't let that go. And it really reminded me of everything I've read about Twitter's early days when everyone it was just them using it kind of reporting on their day
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