Brandon Taylor
@BT26 · 4:59

Daily Drive Episode 275: Talk about it Tuesday

We have to say in order for us to be like, you know what, I feel better, but I still is lingering, right? Especially when it's not as consistent as it is because especially when you lose that consistency, you lose trust. But then you also realize life does happen and sometimes it does affect the other person

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Rocío (Ro) Christensen
@rocio · 0:34
Totally agree with this. I think conversation is just a very productive thing. Like, it literally produces answers, it produces energy, and it gives you something to work with. If you're not communicating or only communicating one way, then there's nothing to kind of build, build from together. So I think, yeah, this is, like, applicable in so many different aspects. And, yeah, I really like how you. How you thought about it and expressed it