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A MLK Jr Day tribute, with an economic reality check.

What we don't have is separation of economy and state, which is just as vital, just as corrosive and just as much a false idol as religion as to have a dollar bill influencing our politics more than ideals and people, the people that they represent, the Democratic institution, the way it's supposed to be. And does he deserve an apology about that? No

The founding fathers wrote the principles we cherish. The prosperity we enjoy is born of the blood, sweat and tears of America's African forebears.

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I have no idea how this stuff works. I think I I breeze Weld this and I posted a new audio. I'm post a link to it now here. So it works the way I meant it to in a continuous thread. Thank you. Bye

Compounding denial. @Brooke415

And there her Masters is costing a fraction, and she doesn't have to work three jobs. There was a guy who talked about how he had some sort of an accident, broke a limb. No, he had a heart attack and he didn't want to go to the hospital because of the cost
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@SeekingPlumb ikr! Do mot get this Irish girl started lol I'm done, tbc ...

And that's the other thing that we operate under false assumptions is everything has a bias. And it's just been more clear recently in a circus and clownish way, as a person with a journalism degree, I'm very ashamed of the media right now, but it's broadcast. It's not print as much. I just blame other broadcast people. We never liked them. Anyway, they're too pretty. They're talking heads on the evening news. Of course they're being dramatic
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Signing off 👍 how does one translate an apt emoji into a proper greetiing?🤔

I got cut off, so I was done right there. I just want to say thank you for flying. And what was it? People die in wars all the time. Everybody died about other thing. So anyway, that's other end of the thought. So thank you for flying and signing off. I need to sign off. What do you think is a good sign off? What do you say at the end of your swell?

Sign off. Citizenship x 2. Accents. @Brooke415

I became a dual citizen in 2001, and I think I determined a few months ago that if I was to add up all of the time I've lived in the two different countries, I may be right on the cusp of having lived longer in Canada than I have in the US, but it's right in that middle area. As far as the accent goes, my American friends and family here. Canadian accent here, people will often comment about hearing an American accent
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Lol cracking me up! Thx, no need to reply, unless u want to. *signs off lol

Oh, that's funny. Thank you. I would have never guessed the Bronx. I didn't hear the Bronx ancestry there. That's such an interesting story. And I do. I still stand by my statement. Wise woman. Ready up to Canada? You did it early before people were threatening to do so based on political reasons. How interesting did you go up there for school?