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"What happens if you test positive for Covid in SF?" Oops. Here is a link to the article! 😁

Good morning. This is Brooke in San Francisco. We're located on the West Coast, stood the United States of America, also known as the Best Coast. And that's my final answer. And I would like you to check out what I wrote. I was going to read it, too, but it's truly not meant to be read aloud. It is a written piece. I'm all the more impressed by Arisha's accomplishment, where he wrote something really well written

My rough draft Medium article. Actually this puppy will be going up live. So if I @seekingplumb @DBParde @Wuandurful @arish I can still edit it. Thx!

A link? @Brooke415

So Brooke, assuming your medium article has gone live, do you have a link where we can read it
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A recent situation that occurred with me.

I know it has kind of more of it to say, but it's like he was on his bed. We'll say that his anti alive bed. We'll just call it. He sounded really bad. So I didn't get for the life of me why he had thought it was a good idea to come here. I would have never done that. But yeah, hopefully I'm not too off base
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And one of the things he talks about is the two things that will put pressure on lockdown and quarantine and trying to contain the virus by staying away from each other is the economy and socialization. The fact that the human race depends on socialization, that we get depressed when we're isolated. So I'm thinking about this guy that came to your work. Maybe he's lonely. Maybe he has no family, maybe he has no friends