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Daaaaang it !! Replying to my reply on beauty and there is no way thatvI know of to copy and paste ... I guess I can post this then go share the link

I'm like, I want capitalism to be gone, and I want beauty standards to be reversed. Discount, like, the first two minutes. But the rest of it is okay too. Come back to reality where I'm like, okay, yes, there is an objective standard of beauty that exists in the world. And certainly, yes, it doesn't hurt to be beautiful. But the other point that I make is it is a gender difference

@Wuandurful technical difficulties. Oh well this way I can add an image. I protest beauty culture, not becsuse I feel excluded, tho been there too.

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Are humans engineered to conquer rather than exist? @Brooke415

And I guess there were some people out there that were catfishing women with pictures of male models, and I guess they got a ton of matches to verify their point that women only care about looks, which is kind of unfair because Tinder, although, yes, it is engineered to swipe right on somebody or swipe left to match or not match. That is true. But that's just only one component of online dating
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Looking for different clip, got Prophetess

Actually, I really, actually, I'm not anti male or I'm anti extreme in any direction, of course, on either side. And I don't think there are like absolutes in the Yin and Yang. I do believe Yin and Yang exists. If you're familiar with the Eastern philosophy and it can be demonstrated in either gender. Frankly, men can be great communicators with high emotional intelligence. As you know, it's a personality trait