Brooke C.
@Brooke415 · 0:16

"Describe your life in five words" by Colbert and @arish

Describe your life in five words from The Colbert Report. And I like this one. Five words, go ahead

Georgie Dee
@GeorgieDee · 0:07
Light, love, energy, joy, art
Liora H
@liora · 0:11
This is a great question and kind of hard. But here are mine. Growth, change, ambition, love, and creativity
Swell Team
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Welcome to Swell!

Izzy S-L
@Izzy · 0:10
Mine would be open compassion music aspiration and cats. I mean, of course
Shawn DeRay
@ShawnDeray · 0:57
My five words that we use my life, I would say, inspiring, dramatic but inspiring, dramatic joy, joyful. So inspired. Dramatic joyful. And two more empowering and challenging. Okay, I think that's fine. Yeah. Don't ask me what the other first three words. So there's that
Brooke C.
@Brooke415 · 2:05

@liora rhymes with Señora? I keep seeing/saying Liona, forgive me. Got it!

Shondre. Thank you for your answer. That's funny. That's cute. If you lose your train of thought or you want to look something up real quick, you can always push the red button again after you push record and just push. Pause was like, yeah, I just watched it. I came back and come back with fresh thoughts so that you don't have to worry about coming with all five off the top of your head, which were very good
Karan Dev
@Karan.Dev · 0:11
Hey, my five would be introspection, detachment, collaboration, optimism and joy
Brooke C.
@Brooke415 · 0:43

@Karan.Dev I'm guessing your location ... either San Jose, CA or ... India?

I just instinctively think you must be in Silicon Valley because I don't know. I'm in San Francisco. I have a very limited view of the world. I think I'm in the Bay Area, so I see nothing happening anywhere. Anyway. It's good to see you around. And I'm. Brooke. Thank you. Bye
Karan Dev
@Karan.Dev · 0:23

@Brooke415 you were close! I live in Mumbai, India

Hey, Brooke, I think there are a lot of people from California on Swell, but I live in Mumbai, in India, and I'm really looking forward to all our future conversations, and I've enjoyed listening to quite a few of your Swell casts, so keep them coming. And I'm looking forward to everything else. Thank you. Bye