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I just saw a CBS report that the first county in the United States approved referrals. I'm like, h***, f****** yeah. Excuse my friends. Sorry. Hello, fell. I'm very rarely on here. I very rarely speak because I don't speak. I'm an introvert, but I can reprogram all that and say it's about time and don't get me started because I have a whole spiel I can give

#reparations search (the evil, time-suck) YouTube (if you must, just beware, you know) for the Melanated Council of Yang, they are live at 5 pst Tues

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Hey, Brooke. Yes. And I actually heard it on Swell. There is a 32nd news that gives the daily news. And this was actually news that was, you know, given two days ago. So it's not today. I'm linking it th here the two days ago 32nd news that spoke about Evanston and Reparations. But that's a good newscast to follow as well
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Want to tag all the AA folks I know on here, but seems bit much

Yes. Thank you for the link. I'm super late to the party as usual. I actually try not to watch too much news, so it's probably why I missed it, but I happened to come across a little bit of news. It has to be big news for me to hear it. And I don't know if if this is considered big news in America, but it is significant to me, but I don't want to get started here