Brooke C.
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We all need some good news and this guy, he delivers. Enjoy!

Aw, I missed the kazoosi. Good news with the holiday special. It's always so good. He's funny and he's a bright spot during comedy. I wish he hadn't taken his thing off the island. It's really good, but he's back. Check it out. If you didn't see before, you got to see it, it's awesomeness

Brooke C.
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Not sure why I'm talking so fast (introvert nerves?) Lol but thx @MerelyHum

I'm guilty pleasures. Kardashians so awful. I actually don't watch them the reality TV or whatever. If you want to know my theory about that, well, it's not important. I just don't think it's a waste of time and mental energy to devote to people I don't know, right? Celebrities. It kind of doesn't make sense. It's kind of a recent phenomenon