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Life is lile a Dragonfruit

You. Hello. Today we will be listening to Edward Abella and his piece called Ambient Echoes. Welcome back, everyone. Today I'd like to take a moment to talk to you about the similarities between life and a dragon fruit. At first glance, a dragon fruit may seem like an unlikely choice to compare life to. With its shrill, in pink and green scales, it looks more like an alien specimen than anything else. But there's actually a lot of truth in this comparison

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Natasha Webb
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I'm just starting, so I don't have much up, but it's so nice to meet you and enjoyed your dragon fruit poem. It's beautiful. Thank you. And you have a great day. Bye
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And at the bottom of the line, there's always a way up and there's always that way. It's just a thinking process and knowing that everybody else is going through the same thing that everybody's going through, and then we're all in it together. And that's just what I'm trying to get across, that we need to have empathy and sympathy for everybody around us because everybody is going through some sort of trials and errors in their lives
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