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@BrayBray · 2:29
Aston Villa vs Arsenal

Looking ahead to Saturday’s game.

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@BrayBray · 3:02
A review of Star Wars Archives by Paul Duncan

A few words on the new edition of Star Wars Archives from Taschen. A behind the scenes look unlike any other.

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@BrayBray · 2:50
Week 17 and Chicago’s chances

A worried Bears fan on the eve of the last game of the regular season.

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@BrayBray · 3:06
Recommending a Pokémon game to a first time player!

My boyfriend is looking to try out Pokémon, but I’m not sure which game we should start him out with!

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@BrayBray · 3:12
Janet Wasko’s Understanding Disney

Some opening thoughts having read the first couple chapters of Wasko’s Understanding Disney

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@BrayBray · 3:22
Kurosawa’s Dreams

A short rave review of a late work from one of the all time greats.

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@BrayBray · 3:24
Reading Watchmen

Thoughts on my recent reread of Watchmen, and how it’s a story that works best on the page.

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@BrayBray · 3:36

Some thoughts on reading Dune in anticipation for the upcoming film.

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@BrayBray · 3:05
Star Wars: The High Republic

A little chat looking forward to The High Republic

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@BrayBray · 3:14
Star Wars, Clickbait, and ‘Controversy’

Why is so much of online Star Wars discussion revolving around by blatant Rage Click bait?

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@BrayBray · 3:01
Baldur’s Gate!

My thoughts playing the original games for the first time—and looking ahead to Baldur’s Gate 3! #gaming #rpg #baldursgate