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Brady Poppler

 · 4mo ago · 3:07
Dodgers Lose SP for the year

"…So this could hurt the Dodgers chances of a deep postseason run and winning the World Series, but I wouldn't count them out of it yet just because they still have a good roster on that's and they still have a good pitching staff. So I wouldn't count the Dodgers out, but this is a big loss for the Dodgers.…"

Walker Buehler out for the year


phil spade

 · 4mo ago · 1:30

"…But the top three pitchers, if you can get them to pitch five to six innings, I think they're going to be just fine and can move forward. Now, in the off season, that's the big question for me. You got a guy like Bueller, it's the extent of the injury. If he requires Tommy John surgery, that means he's going to be out for the next season as well.…"

Is it more an off season concern?

Brady Poppler

 · 4mo ago · 1:27

"…But I still think that they are contenders for the World Series and this does hurt them a little bit, but I think if you just look at their team now, even without Bueller, they're still a top contender. But if you add Bueller, I think he pushes them up to the top. So I don't think him being out for the rest of the year hurts them too much. And then what you said about for next year, it is an elbow surgery.…"