Bowie Rowan
@bowie · 1:50

Ted Lasso & The Importance of Being Earnest

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So I'm curious if you've heard about this show yet. If you've watched any of it and all of the Ted heads out there, I would love to talk with you about season one. I haven't had a chance yet to look about a second season, but I really hope they do another one, because I have to see what happens with these characters

One of the best comedies since Parks & Rec!? #tv #tedlasso #parksandrec

Rachel Donahue
@rach · 0:31
Hey there fellow Ted HEADHEAD here. I cannot believe that I have gotten through the show two times and not even thought about all the similarities between Parks and Rec. That's like a wonderful observation. And I'm so happy there is a new show out out there that is just full of endearing and characters that are flawed but so wholesome and fun to watch and corny in the best way possible here's to hoping that there are many ways seasons of the show
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