Bowie Rowan
@bowie · 1:36

What's your favorite Jane Austen novel?

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Or like Emma in Mansfield Park. But there was something about that that really touched my heart. And there's a certain mysteriousness to Persuasion that has intrigued me enough that I almost think about rereading it every year even if I don't get to it. So I'm curious what's your favorite Jane Austen novel and why?

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Khushiii Nagar
@Khushi05 · 0:34
Hi DOI. So my favorite book of Jane Austen is Tedwise, because the way they projected and showed the love was very different from the other books. If you go and read Colin Hoover, that is something differently. Like they're in the different world and the Jane Austen's book are in the different world. So I really like that book. I also have Emma and sense and sensibility, and I'm looking forward to read that, too
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