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Acceptance: A Memoir | In conversation with Google engineer turned author Emi Nietfeld

Another reason I've connected so deeply with Emmy's work is because she's also passionate about mental health and helping young people navigate their careers, and also the connection between engineering and creativity, which I know many of you on Swell will be interested in. Emmy has spoken widely on podcasts you may have already heard her, and also at universities and companies where she's a beloved speaker, and she's also published extensively in any magazine you can probably think of, and also anthologies

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Until I realized that embracing failure and becoming a million times more resilient than my more privileged peers would be the only way I would be able to fulfill all my dreams that extended far beyond my upbringing. Your memoir really delves into the cost of exactly this kind of pressure and the valorizing of resilience in our culture, so it's no surprise your story resonated with me so deeply
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We have a really vibrant international community of readers and writers, and also engineers and other people in tech here on Swell, many of whom are working on their own first books. I'm wondering if you'd share a bit about how the seeds of writing acceptance were planted and how you approached the writing process
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In your writing about your time at Google. You talk about having to speak up after and during workplace harassment, which I'm so sorry you experienced. I, too, unfortunately, am familiar with this experience and the potential costs of saying anything. There's a lot in your writing about this experience, about the tension between six success and safety, and how they aren't necessarily always the same thing
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I would love to end our conversation by asking what you're currently reading, writing, watching, or honestly, just anything that you're currently obsessed with. It can be something that's totally just for fun or tied into whatever you're working on next that we can anticipate. Your choice can't wait to hear. Thank you, Emmy
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Just putting a line here so that I get updates whenever this is going to receive the sponsors, because this sounds fascinating and I'm looking forward to not just reading the book, but also, like, hearing from the author. Yes, yes, I'm going to stop now