Bowie Rowan
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Why Am I Obsessed with Netflix's Faith-Based Conspiracy Procedural—Manifest? ✈️

So I took a long break there from watching TV and I was focused on other things. And I recently am obsessively watching the show Manifest on Netflix. Originally it ran on NBC and was picked up by Netflix for its final season when the show had kind of a cult following that developed developed on Netflix, which I always think is super interesting. This show, I just started randomly a couple of weeks ago one night when I was having trouble deciding on something

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Okay, I think you may have inadvertently convinced me to start watching again. I watched, like, the first season or maybe two when it was on cable and then I cut the cable and didn't go back. And the earnestness of the acting would just sort of bother me and take me out of the story. But there was still the intriguing bits and trying to sort out what what was really going on and what were the intentions and so on
Taha Abbas
@taha_oracle · 4:21
What's going to happen? What's the secret behind the whole event and everything? And now it's not too hard to guess. I guess I won't go into this point. But, yeah, that's my opinion about it and hopefully the last season will be worth it
J.L. Beasley
@Her_Sisu · 1:41
They're just going to be in this constant loop of always trying to get their lives together, post this miracle of them returning back from the Bermuda Triangle or wherever they disappear to. And I don't know, like, it keeps resurfacing again, like, in terms of different pockets of conversation where I'm just like, all right, I guess I should probably watch it