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Jane & Edward | Let's talk about a modern retelling of Jane Eyre by author Melodie Edwards

It's set in a modern day law firm and is full of romance and hope and follows all of the heartbeats of the classic story. It's described as such. A former foster kid, Jane has led a solitary life as a waitress in the suburbs, working hard to get by. Hashtag relatable, I added that in there

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I'd love to start out by talking a bit about your journey towards writing this book. I know from your website that you studied English literature and communications and also comedy and have done all sorts of things with theater. And I'm really curious if Jane Air was a novel that just has always fascinated you and you had this idea for this particular retelling for a long time, or just how you came to dedicate yourself towards writing this particular book. There's a lot of different kinds of retellings of Jane
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I spend a lot of time writing and thinking about failure. And so one of my favorite things about your retelling here and the story of Jane and Edward is, like, it says in the description that everyone at the firm thinks she is destined for failure because of how difficult Edward Rosen is. Any story in which, you know, we really are needing to root for the underdog is always so appealing to me
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Welcome to Swell!

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We have a lot of writers here and readers, and we often will talk about books we've read, but also craft and things that we're working on. I'm curious for you. What was the biggest challenge of writing Jane and Edward? And do you have any advice from your Rowan own experiences or maybe advice you've gotten from your own mentors or other writers that really helped you write this novel? I know our community would love to hear anything you have to share about your experience
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I'm curious, as we're only a couple of weeks, a little less than a month out from Jane and Edward being officially released in the world, what your current obsessions are, whether they are related to the book's release or it could be something completely different, like a vintage bicycle or a new recipe or a certain period in history. We would love to hear about anything that has had you preoccupied on your mind and heart as your first novel is about to come into the world