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White Sight | Dismantling white supremacy with Nicholas Mirzoeff

How do you see the world and what influences that site? These are two questions that have compelled me since I was young, so stumbling upon Nicholas Mertzoff's work was like discovering an intellectual treasure trove. You may already be familiar with some of his books because he is one of the founders of the academic discipline of visual culture and has written texts like An Introduction to Visual Culture and The Visual Culture Reader

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Professor Merzoff, I had the pleasure of studying your work while I was in school and beyond, so it's incredibly exciting to see how your work has continued beyond my initial introduction to it. In your latest book, you delve into the long history of what you call white sight. Could you share a bit about the origins of this project?
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Or maybe I should be thinking about it differently, but I found this aspect of your book, the handbook aspect, the tools aspect, really useful, and I would love to hear what you can share with readers about what they can expect in that regard in the book
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We have a really robust community of international writers here on Swell, many of whom are working on their own books and research. I'm curious if you could speak to what it was like to write about the history of white supremacy and white sight. Were there any moments where you questioned how to approach writing about this topic, to do your own multifaceted identity, and did you work with sensitivity readers, readers across drafts, or how did the editing process work?
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I deeply appreciate your passion for your work. It comes through so clearly, and it inspires me to keep asking challenging questions, not only of myself, but also the world. So thank you. It's a real gift. I'd love to end our conversation by asking, what are you currently obsessed with now that White Sight is out in the world? Are you already working on your next project that is related or maybe somewhat different than the last one?