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#WorkAdvice | What should you do if you're being gaslighted at work?

So recently, my friend got what she thought was her dream job and things were going well for months. She was feeling very supported, more so than she had in any other role. That was until it became apparent that there were some discrepancies and things that were being overlooked that both her and another coworker, who is also a woman of color, began to identify

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What is gaslighting exactly?

The one I'd like to focus on for this particular swell, though, is from an advice column called Ascend. That is through the Harvard Business Review. And the person who responds is Mary Abigail, who is the author of Managing Up how to Move Up When at Work and Succeed with any Type of Boss. So the person writing in is talking about how you can deal with this kind of behavior when you are working specifically with a leader
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Practical tips

They were denying a claim even though I knew it was in line with what my contract covered because I have a lot of experience in reading contracts and I understood before I even negotiated for this home warranty what would be covered. I had multiple people on the phone essentially gaslighting me and telling me that I was wrong, even though I had written proof right in front of me in my contract, right
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Tips for self-care

So that is exactly what my friend did by reaching out to me and other friends, colleagues, other professionals that she deeply trusted in order, like I said, to kind of have a sanity check and review the situation and get outside trusted outside support and advice. I am part of a support group, actually
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Next steps

That is something that I have often made clear when I have been in leadership roles or running various programs is listening empathetically to the problem and complaint that is happening within the group and also asking what the person wants and needs because often they haven't taken the time to think about what the request is and what the resolution would be for themselves. So ask yourself what do you want and need to make this situation better?
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Your health matters

Lastly, I just want to reiterate that this is incredibly important. Working in a toxic situation or where gaslighting or various kinds of abuses of power are happening really impacts your emotional, psychological and physical health. Studies show that those who work for bosses in which they're dealing with this kind of behavior are at a higher risk for stroke, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and other life threatening conditions