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#AuthorInterview | Talking with award-winning fantasy author Andrea Stewart

When her admittedly ambitious dreams of becoming a dragon slayer didn't pan out, she instead turned to writing fiction. Her short stories can be found in such venues as Beneath Ceaseless Skies, Daily Science Fiction, Galaxy's Edge and others. Her debut epic fantasy novel, The Bone. Chard daughter was a finalist for the Locust Award for best first novel, the British Fantasy Award for best novel, the Goodreads Choice Award for fantasy and debut novel and the book Ness Award for best traditionally published novel

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Andrea, I would love to start out by asking you to share a bit about the Drowning Empire trilogy, of which The Bone Shard War is a part of for those who haven't had a chance to read it yet. And if you wouldn't mind sharing maybe a few sentences or a passage from The Bone Shard War that you particularly love that would give, listen, a sense of your work
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This is such a beautiful trilogy, and I'm really curious if you could share a bit about how it began. When did you first get the idea and did you know from the very beginning that it was going to be a trilogy and how did that impact the writing and the planning, the execution?
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And I'm curious if you have any advice either from your mentors or favorite writers you've learned from or also from experience that you think would be helpful to share, particularly with writers who are just starting out and maybe approaching their first book, or have just written their first book and are not sure what to do next
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I'm curious how failure and rejection have it all shaped your trajectory as a creative person moving through the world, and if you have anything in relation to share about either of them and how they've informed your path or what you have learned from them
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I'm really looking forward to this conversation, and I'd like to welcome anyone who hears this. Please feel free to add your comments or questions for Andrea, and we'll keep talking. Thank you