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Bowie on the Road | Today is my legal name change hearing!

I am currently outside of the courthouse, the Allegheny Courthouse in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where I grew up. I had to make sort of a rushed visit here because I got approved for for is. Is is is is is is is is my legal name change hearing to take you on this journey with me so soon I will be going in and meeting with my lawyer to go over all the documents before the heat hearing and I'll come back and let you know what it was like and how it went

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Bowie Rowan
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Hey, everyone, I am back in Brooklyn, where I am spending the month of September after my legal name change hearing. And, wow, it was such an incredible experience. First of all, I want to show you the insight side of the courthouse, which I just thought was so beautiful and majestic. And it made the occasion feel very special. So you can take a look at that. Here
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And she was also going through the name change process that day. And it was just so magical to see each other because we had no idea that we'd both be there. It was just the best. And so what happens is that my lawyer, who was representing other people, too, you were called up to the stand in front of the judge by your given name or your birth name
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And for anyone out there who's considering doing something like this or has ever thought about it, it has been such a significant choice for me, and I'd be more than happy to talk more about it one on one or two on Swell, so don't hesitate to reach out and hope you have a beautiful day wherever and whenever you are. Bye
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Congratulations! @bowie

Hey, Bowie, I just wanted to say thank you so much for sharing your journey with us. It's so exciting. And when you announce that you've changed your name and that you were going through the legal process of doing it, I've been eagerly awaiting updates. I'm so glad that it's gone so well for you and Gosh. That must have been such a powerful moment. Just everything together with the beautiful building. Thank you for the photograph. It looks amazing
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There's a lot of people who need to hear the joy in your voice and be inspired to do this themselves. So let's get this out there and Congratulations
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Excuse me while I just live vicariously through your experience for a second, because that sounds beautiful. I know how important it is to get that documentation with the name change. And I'm so glad that you managed to do it. The procedure for you seems a lot more intense than it was for me, but I'm glad that the ending was such a beautiful moment. So Congrats. Officially. Congrats Bowie like that's. So cool. I'm smiling ear to ear for you