Bowie Rowan
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Why I'm Obsessed: Sounds Like A Cult Podcast

A couple of weeks ago, a friend of mine who is engaged told me about this podcast called It Sounds Like a Cult, specifically an episode about the cult of weddings. Essentially, this podcast talks about everything from Taylor Swift to dating apps to social media, and they talk about and examine whether or not it's a cult. And it's so absurd and so funny

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Taha Abbas
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Hi. That sounds very interesting. I'll definitely check it out. And, yeah, I can relate so much to what you said. Even I'm a very obsessed person, especially when it comes to cult and occultism, you know, and I watched quite a few films related to that, and sometimes you just can't get your head out of it, and you even fantasize being in that community
Bowie Rowan
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Because as much as I would maybe like to believe that I couldn't be swayed by Brainwashing, especially if I went in with this undercover mission, we're all made of the same stuff. We're all human, right? And there's a reason why so many people fall prey to Brainwashing, and so there's something that would feel very high stakes at it, but also be so interesting. I think so. Yeah. Thanks for the reply