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#AuthorInterview | The Self-Same Metal by actress, writer, and nerd of many fandoms, Brittany N. Williams

Her short stories have been published in the Gambit Weekly, Fireside magazine and the Star Wars anthology from a certain point of view the Empire Strikes Back. Brittany is a self described actress, writer and nerd of many fandoms and we are going to talk about her debut book, the self same medal, which will be released this month. So it's time to preorder y'all. This novel is about 16 year old Joan Sands who only wants to use her metalsmithing magic to make swords for William Shakespeare's acting company

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I'd love to start out by asking you to read a few lines or maybe a short passage from the novel that would give listeners a sense of what's in store for them after they preorder the book, which I will include a link here so people can easily access it
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Brittany. It was such a joy to learn more about you and also this book, because I get the impression that this novel is, in many ways, an accumulation of so many of the things that you love and enjoy as an actress, writer and creative person in the world. Could you speak a bit to how you first got the idea for this novel and how you made the time and commitment so that it came to life?
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Welcome to Swell!

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We have a lot of really wonderful readers and writers here on Swell that love all kinds of genres. Is there any advice that you have for writers who are working particularly on their first books? Did you learn anything through the writing of this novel that you wish you knew looking back? Or is there any advice that you got early on or throughout the process that really helps you get through and complete it?
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One of my very favorite things to talk to other writers and creatives about is failure, because it often seems like it plays a role in their trajectories in a really interesting way that's important to the process. I'm curious how failure has or has not been part of your journey as an artist. And if there's anything that it has taught you or or kind of shaped your experience in any way that you'd be willing to share with us
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Lastly, I know we would love to hear about anything you are currently reading and watching that you absolutely loved or were obsessed with and why. Also, I'd now like to open this conversation up to anyone else who may want to ask you a question or two. And just thank you so much again for being here with us. And congratulations on your book coming out into the world. I'm so happy to be celebrating it with
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Hey, Brittany, good to have you here. I figured I'd jump on and ask you a question as well, if that's okay. I was listening to bowie and heard star wars, so I was like, ding ding ding. And I started reading a little bit about what you worked on and, like, what a cool project that was