Bowie Rowan
@bowie · 1:05

Where are your favorite places to read?

And I've been really enjoying some early evening hammock time just when the sun is about to set and the weather is finally cooling off a little. Absolutely. It is currently my favorite spot to read before it probably gets too hot for me to even be outside for many stretches of time, even more in the evening. And then I will be transitioning back into my little reading couch in my office whenever I get a chance. So swell. Where are your favorite places to read and why?

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Mark Francis Rahaman
@MarkR · 4:11

No hammock 😂

I think even the last few times I went on holiday to the beach, I didn't read because you're sitting in the bright sun, and then to put on your glasses just didn't feel right. And I like sitting on the sand. I don't have an umbrella or anything. I just sit on the sand with a towel. I like the sand. And everybody else prefers a sun bed, and they can have a little table next to them
Erica Jean
@HeyItsErica · 1:54
I just redid my spare room that has my bunny, so it's nice and comfortable and I'm able to read in it again instead of being swamped by a bunch of books and Amazon Prime boxes. So I didn't have a picture. I have a little video that I did, but, oh, gosh, I just didn't have the time to find it just yet. But it's more cozy to read in
Swell Team
@Swell · 0:15

Welcome to Swell!

Anya Sood
@anya08 · 0:31
Hi. Boy. I live in India, so over here it gets pretty hot around in the daytime. So I just like to sit in my room with the AC on, and there's, like, the swing in my room, which has a good cushioning. So I like to sit and read over there, maybe take some things to eat. And then it's really a cool place to sit and read. Thank you
J.L. Beasley
@Her_Sisu · 2:16
Hello. Hey, Bowie, this is J l. And I can share that. My most favorite I have two favorite places to read. My first favorite place to read is on the side of my bed in my room as a part of my morning routine. So I have my whole morning routine, and then I read
Micah Liss
@micahicarus · 1:23
For me, there is something very comforting about the cliche of sitting under a tree and reading. There's something about it that it makes it feel so much more comfy and like I myself am part of, like a cliche book or something like that or a movie or whatever. So, you know, my fair place to read is probably just under any random tree that I can find. Either that or nestled in some kind of back of the building. Nook, just in a standard library