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Super Bowl Thoughts

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Hey, this is Bobbyblackjack, my Microcast called the Fanalyst. You can also find me soon on YouTube and my YouTube channel, The Fanalyst. That's F-A-N-A-L-Y-S-T. Here are my thoughts of the Super Bowl that we just watched. I'm sure half the world did, or at least half of America was rooting for the Kansas City Chiefs, since my Pittsburgh Steelers and New York Giants were eliminated, obviously earlier

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Rocío (Ro) Christensen
@rocio · 0:31
Hey, Bobby. Welcome to swell and congrats on celebrating that Kansas City win. I got to say, this was my first Super Bowl tuning in. I'm not American, but there was some events that I was going to go see, and then there was a Super Bowl. I was rooting for the Silly Eagles because I have friends from Philadelphia. But, yeah, it was a captivating game. And thank you for sharing your thoughts
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