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Honered Imperfections

Deborah Pardes
@DBPardes · 0:52
My Imperfections. Your imperfections. The Beauty of the Blemish. Metaphorically or Not

Perfection is not welcome here. I don’t even know what that word means. I honor your imperfections. Call them out into the light!

A Book Project
@Blemish · 0:44
BLEMISH: What this is! Just an Idea

Honoring our imperfections. Share yours

A Book Project
@Blemish · 0:45
Welcome to You & Thank You

To those invited as treasured participants in this journey of writing Blemish ❤️🌱🙏

A Book Project
@Blemish · 1:30
Scilla Andreen

Thank you 🙏 @iNDIEFLIXCEO

A Book Project
@Blemish · 1:26
Josh Schweitzer

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A Book Project
@Blemish · 0:32
Celia Finkelstein

Thank you 🙏 @celiafink

A Book Project
@Blemish · 2:10
Cindy Mort

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Deborah Pardes
@DBPardes · 0:58
Melanie Mayron

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Deborah Pardes
@DBPardes · 1:32
Dr. Sherry Ross

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Deborah Pardes
@DBPardes · 1:13
Lesley Wolff

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