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Sasikumar Ramu
@BladeOfGod · 4:27

Is the LaLiga racists?

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I want to say that since we've been here for a year, we have not witnessed anything of that sort. And of course, there are fans, there are people who get highly emotional about football, and they take it out in different ways. I'm not saying it's right, it's not wrong. It's just people's preference and the way they want to behave and lead their lives. But are people in Spain racist?

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Rocío (Ro) Christensen
@rocio · 3:05
And I'm interested in your proposal of having no fans in the stadium, because I think that would send a shock to those fans who so want to consume the sport in that way. But I also worry that because of that, the extreme behaviors that they do have, that they would respond in acts of racism and violence outside of the stadium, which I don't know, not better, not worse. Kind of the same, maybe, but just still is scary and wrong
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Taylor J
@Taylor · 4:52
Like, if you're a Cowboys fan, you're trash. Right. And I think that European football in particular has gone a bit crazy with attacking players. But I think that mostly comes down to the fact that the teams and the league don't necessarily do enough when these moments pop up. Now, I would love to say that I think that this is an anomaly. I don't think that it is. Unfortunately, there is an absolutely massive article on Wikipedia
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Taylor J
@Taylor · 3:01
Personally. We need to see lifetime football bands being issued to all of these people. And I'm not talking about bands from the stadium of their own team. I'm talking about stadiums, period. FIFA stadiums. Infantino released a statement the other day about this. So it looks like FIFA is going to I mean, whether we believe them or not, but it looks like they're going to start taking this a bit more seriously
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