Blackpacking podcast-New to Swell

Hello. Hello. My name is Jericho, and I am the host of the blackpacking Podcast. I'm so excited to be on Swell to meet the rest of you all and what you're up to on your project to tell you a little bit about me. I host blackpacking

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Taylor J
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I rented a car and drove to about 910 different countries, sort of in the Eastern part of Europe, made my way down into Italy. But, yeah, looking forward to hearing more about your experiences, I'll definitely be keeping my eyes and ears peeled
Not So Bon Voyage
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Great to have you here 👍🏼

Hey, Jericho, great to connect with another travel podcast to hear on Swell and welcome to the Swell community. This is Jules from the not so Bombayas Travel Podcast, and we look forward to following you listening to your Swells, and also we love you podcast. So keep up the great work. Cheers
Varun Aich
@varunkaich · 0:13
Hey, what's up man? Thank you very much for bringing this up. Really interesting to know about different cultures and experiences. So thank you, appreciate