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Clifford Le Blanc
@bikeman007 · 2:21

New Upright Freezer

And then I was told about Swell. So here I am. And I've got eight people following me back. And I'm following about 34, so hopefully looking to connect up with a few more people and be a little more active. So for now, I guess we'll just say, Hope, everybody's having a great day. And this is Bike Man Seven. Coming to you from the southwestern tip of Nova Scotia, Canada. A little fishing village called Wedge Apart


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Daniel Hastings
@dlhastings · 0:56

Cheers, with a cold one

I just got an email from my dad in Florida who also got a new freezer today and was very proud to send me a photo of that. So Congratulations to both of you. By the way, I would like to go back to Nova Scotia someday, and this time travel around the island by bike
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