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Hey everyone. Today I am with DIY, who is also a reader like me who loves reading and also loves BookTube. So yeah, today we are going to talk about book Tube and also kind of like recommending you guys the best YouTubers BookTubers you can check out for book recommendations. These are some of our favorites and there are going to be a lot of them. So you're use yours till the end

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Diya Patel
@diyapatel264 · 1:11
Okay, first off, we have to start with the Queen, which is Cindy herself. Okay, first of all, have to go shout out to Akshidha because I came to know about Cindy because of her. In fact, I came to know about anything related to BookTube because of her. So clearly, she's the only reason I joined or became part our fav BookTubers community and came to know about books to grammars and all of that
Akshidha Shaji
@bibliophileAksh · 1:00
But no, she's not actually. Which is very surprising. Her recommendations are like so good all the time. I hate. She also hated all books I loved. She also loved, which made me like her even more. And if I want some actual recommendations, then I always check her videos
Diya Patel
@diyapatel264 · 1:08
I kid you not in this one video where she was showing these books from her bookshelves and that she wore like this red lipstick. And she has black curly hair. And it looks exactly like Mother Gothel Rapunzel's mom. And someone commented that and that comment got like, thousands of likes because everyone agrees it's literally true. But her actual, like personality is the total opposite. Okay, like she's so sweet. She's so cute. And yeah, I highly recommend watching her videos
Akshidha Shaji
@bibliophileAksh · 0:53
Yes. And next booktuber is Jess. His YouTube channel is like, Jess, the reader Jesuit. And the reason why I love his videos is because of his humor sense. He's just hilarious. I love all his videos. And yeah, he's really cool. And also it's been very rare to see male BookTubers like people who read fantasy books, especially that's like very rare. He was like his first straight man I saw. I mean, I think he's straight
Diya Patel
@diyapatel264 · 1:47
Next is Daniel Green. Okay. Now I don't actually watch a lot of his, like, recommendation videos just because I don't know, we don't have the same taste, so I can't relate. But also he he doesn't like Six of Crows, which is just such an offense to the Grisha verse and the fandom, which is yeah, I know. It's really sad. I know. But the thing is right. He's not into fantasy books. Okay
Akshidha Shaji
@bibliophileAksh · 2:34
Yes. And the last one, but not the least. Of course it is divyajive. Now, even though she is actually a book tuber, she rarely reads books. I know. It's very weird. There is this video where after I read a ya book after three years. Yes. After three years. And then there was this comment like booktuber finally reads a book. She's more like other BookTubers. She doesn't only make like these recommendations. Video?
Charlie Olivieri
@Charlieri · 1:55

I couldn't not reply to this!

And she's so engaging and just very clever about all the books that she reads, and the kind of stuff she reads is right up my street as well. So yeah, those are my recommendations. And if you want to check out my channel, then go ahead and let me know what you think. But yeah, I thought I couldn't just go past this and not reply
Michael Knipp
@michaelknipp · 1:03

More channels!

And she does a lot of collaboration videos of a lot of different smaller channels, like the Library of Alexandria, which he was like, history and Latin teacher, who is also a booktuber who likes adult fantasy. And that whole community that sort of spawned around those people is really cool. There's a lot of really nice people who are just excited to talk about book. The BookTube community is like this nice little slice of the Internet that it's not perfect. But it's somehow a lot better