Schools Reopening in Kerala!!

I also took TC from Dubai and joined a school in India and same with Nadia. She also did the same. So we're just going to share our thoughts. And if we are excited to go to school, what we think of this reopening everything

Collab swell with @nargis_29n

Nargis <33
@nargis_29n · 0:42
Hi, everyone. I'm narquisnazvira. She said, I'm her schoolmate. We both studied in Dubai, and we actually bus mates. To be specific, we've known each other for three or two, two years, and it was fun. Those times were fun. But now we both are studying in India, Kerala, and I'm still in Dubai, though, because it's online
Akshidha Shaji
@bibliophileAksh · 1:32
And also, I'll only study properly if I go to this normal school offline school. Also, I'm in 10th. I'll have to write board exams. So for me, it's very important for Nargis. It's okay. She's a 9th. I mean, it's not that important. She doesn't have to write about exams. It's okay. But these are the only reasons that's motivating me to go to school
Nargis <33
@nargis_29n · 1:03
So my intro part says, no, thanks. I just don't want to meet some specific particular people. And then my other side says, I want to meet some of my close friends. I just want to meet them. And I'm just, like, sad about that
Akshidha Shaji
@bibliophileAksh · 1:51
And do you think students will actually follow all the protocols? Everything, like all the social discounts and everything? I really don't think so. And another thing is double Mark. So it's a rule that we have to wear two masks whenever we go outside, which is a very difficult part. I just can't wear even one mask is suffocating. And then just imagine two masks. Even now, I wear two masks and I'm a chef mish. I wear spectacles
Nargis <33
@nargis_29n · 3:30


And maybe some cases are going to arise. But if the student life the protocol that's like a really lucky thing. And another reason I would like to say is this is a reason for all the parents, especially like a huge factor for all the parents. The thing is, if it's online, the expenses are very low because you don't have to pay any travel fee. Either you're going with bus or, I don't know, school bus or anything