@bhumiikaaaa · 1:48

A Voice Note to My Future Self

Hi, everyone. My name is Bomeka and this is my second swipe. This is a voice note for my future self. Dear future self. Everything that has happened has led you to this moment. Don't forget. Change a thing. Everything worked out exactly as it should be. All the puzzle pieces fit all the paths make sense. All the people were meant to be. All the success and failure and heartwarming and heartbreaking moments were all worth it. No regrets
Arya Jindal
@aryajindall · 0:03
Greg Swell loved listening to her
Pawan Rohra
@Pawan0201 · 0:03
Amazing swell
Aadit khajuria
@Aaditk24 · 0:15
Hey Bhumika. This doing this well was actually very was a really great idea, because like keeping a note to your future self really motivates you to actually do those things. So great. Better. Bye
Param Shah
@param59 · 0:05
Hi Omega was a very motivating swell. Thank you
Rashi Kothari
@Rashi21 · 0:18
This is a really insightful. Well, after listening to this, even I am encouraged to do a voice recording for my future self. And one line which you mentioned in your above self, which is do whatever makes you happy. I think that very important and that's what everyone should do