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Bhoomika Chhatpar
@bhoomika · 1:02

Quarantine birthdays part 1!

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Anyone wanting to celebrate a safe birthday can use some of these ideas, starting with the Zoom call with all your friends on it. Now let me tell you some games that you all can play, so Scribbleo being one of them then code names Lightning, Scavenger, Zoom, Charades, and Picture. These are really interesting games and whoever said virtual games are boring, these gamewriters developers are here to prove you wrong

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@Viraj_Modi · 0:04
Thanks for pretty nice and exciting ideas
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Rashi Kothari
@Rashi21 · 0:15
Thank you so much Bhoomika for these amazing game ideas, even though COVID is not so severe right now, Zoom and Google Meet is the only chance of socializing with friends and I would definitely love to play these games with them. Yeah
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Swell Team
@Swell · 0:15

Welcome to Swell!

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trisha agrawal
@trisha__23 · 0:25
Thank you so so much for Meka. This is exactly what we all needed. Everything we do today is online. And that is how we celebrate birthdays or, you know, have fun together. So I think these games, game ideas, will really help us because we are always in search of new games and ideas. Thank you so much for sharing them. We're looking forward to playing all of them. Bye
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Aadit khajuria
@Aaditk24 · 0:05
Thank you Bhoomika, for all these amazing idea. It's really helpful with all this code going on
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