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Bhoomika Chhatpar
@bhoomika · 0:45

Nmims club interviews

Nothing charms an interviewer more than a combination of a friendly and confident person who knows their stuff, right? Thirdly, that's it. You're done. Sit back and wait for them to tell you that you are selected. Bye

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@VasuJ · 0:04
Sounds really exciting. Would love to hear more
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sarvagya chawla
@sarvagya.123 · 0:03
Awesome, swell loved it
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Aamna Chaudhary
@Aamna2Chaudhary · 0:02
Amazing swell
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@Juhi · 0:03
So true can't wait for more content
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Devam Shah
@deworm · 0:05
That honestly sounds like a great piece of advice
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@anshahuja · 0:27
Yes. And I think this really helped me get out of my comfort zone. I mean, I gave, like many interviews. And with each interview, I started learning. I started to go. I started to learn the informal ways of interviews. And with each interview view, my confidence level really went up. So I think the way our seniors conducted it's a very interesting way that they conducted, unlike the interviews that are really formal that we've given before, it's
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Anmol Malhotra
@Godfather · 0:03
Great insights to the clubs of environments
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Anuj Vimal
@anujvimal · 0:12
Yeah, the interviews are pretty pretty chill of club interviews in NMIMS like I was really scared and starting and I had my first interview and it boosted me a lot, so Yeah
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Falak Shah
@Falak · 0:07
The interviews are awesome. And it? S worth the experience. It? S really a very unique experience
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Manvi Bhatia
@ManviB · 0:12
The interviews were great. The seniors made sure that we all are in our comfort zone. And it was all like a big, friendly group. Conversation. Love, loved the experience
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Devansh Thakkar
@devanshtkr · 0:06
This is so relatable and the interviews, as well as the club meets, are so much fun, totally worth it
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Ansh Suda
@Ansh_24 · 0:07
The interviews were great. I'm super friendly and made sure that we were comfortable. It was a great experience
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ktk SPAM
@ktk · 0:08
The interview was very informal and friendly and it was a very unique experience because after every interview, it helped boost our confidence
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Aadit khajuria
@Aaditk24 · 0:13
In my case, I gave her on five interviews, and after each interview, I realized that these interviews were not that formal. You can actually talk to your seniors openly and have some real fun with them
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Nishchay Khemka
@Rajj · 0:02
Very well, fool. Thank you
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Mahekk Shah
@Mahekk · 0:03
Too good will love to hear more
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vanshika shah
@Vanshika_Shah · 0:02
Bound Wait for more Gondon
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Aman Shah
@Amanshah777 · 0:06
Sounds really exciting. Would love to hear more about this and was very informative. Thank you
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shahu yenpure
@shazu · 0:10
Hey, Bhoomika, thanks for sharing your experience on how your interviews went. I think it would be very helpful for me for my future interviews
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