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Bhavya Arora
@bhavyaarora0007 · 1:37

IMPORTANCE OF EDUCATION.. Hello Swell Family. I hope You are Fit and Fine at your home.

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Dr. Apj Abdul Kalam said let us sacrifice our today so that our children can have a better tomorrow so hello self family So today's my topic is importance of education Education is the most important tool in this world It's not only about studying and getting good marks it makes your personality beautiful Education is very important in everyone's life because it is a weapon to remove poverty from the world It is important because without education there is nothing if you want to become something or do any job we need education It is really very necessary for each one individual the day to day life If I educate myself really well I can become a good person in life and I can make my country more better Education is a crucial component of an effective effort to eliminate child Labor Education is so much important for success in life It is important for the personal, social and economic development of the nation It is important to live with the happiness and prosperity Life gives various survival challenges for education but education guide humans to fight the failure and get success in life thank you so much guys hope you all like it bye

So Today My Topic Is Importance of Education. Hope you all llike it.. #swellfamily #sayintoswell #swell #education #importance of education

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