Bhaskar Jayaraman

@Bhaskar·2yr ago·2:26

Collaborative Workflows - Kaṇāda Open Source Initiative (KOSI)


"…So the only way to use this app right now is to download it and open up the scripting editor or the script editor within a Google Doc, and then you add the source code or use the source code within the script editor, which is a little bit advanced for most users. So I'm inviting collaborators. But I've also explained how this works in a medium post that I'm attaching a link to this webcast. So please go ahead and go through it.…"


Omeed Nosrati

@shmeedy24 · 2yr ago · 0:15

"…Hey BOSCAR, this is a really cool project looking forward to learning more if there are any other resources that you could direct me to or us to, that would also be super helpful. Very cool.…"



phil spade

@Phil · 2yr ago · 0:25

"…Hey, Oscar, this is super interesting and would really love to know more about why this was started, how you started it. I believe you said you're working on it and believe you said you started it. So would really love to know, you know what prompted you to do this? And it looks like a really cool project. So we'd love to know more of the background on how this came to be.…"

Bhaskar Jayaraman

@Bhaskar · 2yr ago · 2:25

"…Thanks for checking out the post Phil.…"


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