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Why the Bear Sleeps and Fear

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Have you ever wondered why bears spend their winters sleeping? Does it have anything to do with fear? #flirtations #flirtcoach #storytime #fear

Ty Dobbs
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#fear #storytime #analogy

I definitely think it's more of a metaphor than it is a. I think it's something to just reflect on about how much the bear lets fear determine how they live their life, and that can be very detrimental to the experience of life. And I think that's the message I received from it
Benjamin Camras
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Hey very much appreciate your reply and your thoughts and feedback on this story of why the bear sleeps. Yeah you I really appreciate just hearing how you interpreted and perceived the story. I think I'm just I'm always curious to hear what people think because I think you can hear the story and see it and interpret it and understand it to mean so many different things and believe different things about the bear. And maybe you would have done the same thing, maybe you would have done something different
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