Benjamin Camras
@BenjaminCamras · 15:45

Who should text first?

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Now that we've talked about texting as being a part of an overall bigger communication framework that you're using to get to know someone when you're out there flirting and dating, right, you're using texting as one of many ways to make a connection. That's all it's about

In this flirtation, we’ll talk about texting first, examples of when you should (and shouldn’t), and how to manage potential rejection. #flirtations

A. L. Connor
@Libra-Libations · 1:41

Impatient first move maker. HA!

Good evening, Benjamin. I stumbled upon your swell this evening who should text first? And I very much enjoyed it. I personally have always been a very impatient person, and still am. I don't know why I said it as if I'm not. And so I've always been the person who makes the first move in all aspects. I'm the one who approaches in bars and clubs, or I did in my single life five years ago