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Creative Purpose

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The good is my God, my Jesus, my Lord, my King, my love, my truth, my life, my goto to get through my hope when all is lost, my passion when all is hate, my truth when all is lies and my life when all that surrounds me is the death of dreams and promises. God's word transforms and carves out the moles within to fill us with his presence

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The keys to the kingdom

It's the same thing I've told hundreds of writers. It's got to be short, it's got to be sweet, it's got to pack a punch. It's got to get to the point. I have to understand what you're writing, but I don't want it to be Shakespearean. I don't want it to have to fit a Victorian rhyme scheme because it just comes off as corny and overly done
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Sometimes we have to tiptoe through the tulips to delicately handle the fragility that is this life. But there's also a part of this life where we need to be intense and strong and determined and focused and just dogged determination to accomplish and go forth and do and B and C, that which makes you you, which you have interest in, that which stirs the vent in your life. Whatever you're inclined to do, be that writing, painting and sculpting any other kind of artwork, just push through
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