Aayan Banerjee
@BasTalk · 5:00

Stereotypes and Hiring Agencies.

But for generalists, think of business development, sales or some of those things, it is not mandatory that you have this specific work experience. Next the gotcha investigative mindset. Instead of being empathetic and exploratory, we find interviewers trying to find faults and see where they have gone, where the job seeker might commit a mistake and then they go got you there. And that attitude mindset sometimes dense the confidence of the job seekers and makes for a very stereotypical practice that many recruiters tend to do

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J.L. Beasley
@Her_Sisu · 4:54
And I'm at a point where me pouring into my business businesses is of more value to me than attempting to climb to the corporate ladder. I'm no longer on that track like I once was. And I struggled with that. I literally was just on a meeting where they were talking in circles about a process and I interjected my thought, which of course, because my thought made sense. It was like, we want to do it our way. I was like, that's fine