Someone Asked Me What Am I Grateful For

Don't you feel at one moment, particularly to just have all these pouring gratitude, love, amazement about how far you've come, how far things have been like for you and how things are right now, where you've been and where you now, how at times you felt like giving up on just anything and everything yet how you chose to keep on keeping on and all the choices that you made, even though you were in dilemma, even though you don't know if this choice would be the best for you or if this is going to be that one dip for rock bottom

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Hey RIA, I'm so happy to be here on your swell and listening to you talk on what you are grateful for and things that you value and embrace makes me feel so warm. And so if I think about what you spoke in my personal life, I think every day I feel very grateful and I think about all the things that I am grateful for during my loan time