Ayishah Hasni
@ayishah.hasni · 2:03

"Moon Goddess" (Poem)

Like referencing Artemis, because I also took a mythology course in the same semester, and I really fell in love with Artemis and all of her myths. She's probably my favorite Greek goddess, but I'm not too sure I have a lot of favorites. So, yeah, that's this poem. Thank you so much for listening again. I would love to feedback. So thank you

A short poem titled "Moon Goddess." Music: "Autumn Love" by Thomas Bergersen.

@sylvar · 0:27
I love this poem. I love how you kind of alluded to the man in other moon or like kind of speaking, your worries in the moon because the moon is always, like, listening at night. And I also like how you kind of like it kind of references to I think that's really cool. But in general, I just really love your writing. And I can't wait to hear more of your poems because they sound so beautiful. And so they just sound so good