Ayishah Hasni
@ayishah.hasni · 3:05

Chasing Umbrellas

If you just take a chance and go out into the rainstorm. So that was fun. And I got my umbrella back. So that was great. But, yeah, I'm much for listening. I just wanted to share that story because it was kind of funny, and I feel like I'm going to remember it. So. Thanks

I went out into a thunderstorm with my friends and lost my umbrella. P.S. I never made it to the park.

Neha M
@neha_munje · 0:15
That sounds like this would be in a movie that was really funny. That sounds really fun. It is nice to go like out in the rain for a second and just like actually feel the water and stuff unless it's like freezing cold. But I think you are