Ayishah Hasni
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My Cat Willow

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But she used to have this black and white cat that would come to our backyard and they would talk to each other. It was really cute. But he doesn't come anymore. And I don't know what happened to him. I really hope he's okay. But yeah, I think cats are amazing. If I could choose one animal to have, it would be a horse because I love horses. Horses and cats are my favorite animals. But hopefully we'll get to that eventually

Introducing you to my kitty.

@sylvar · 0:36

I misss Willoww <3

Like how it has, like, this cool back story and kind of connects to your writing, which is pretty cool. But yeah, your cat's really pretty. And I miss Willow and can't wait to meet her again
Maheen K
@maheen · 0:33
Oh, my God. Willow is so cute. I want to meet her so bad. And I feel you with, like, the rescuing thing, because, like, fosters cats, too. Like, you know, obviously. And like, it's really it feels like, really good to, like, help kittens and cats can take them out of situations that aren't ideal for them. And just like, giving them your love and all that. But yeah, I feel you