Avneet .
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Should Abortion be considered a crime?

So hi. Swell. And today I'm going to be discussing about abortion and should it be considered a crime? The question we all have been hearing, like it's quite some time now


Tuttu Toots
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It's like in Friends, Rachel says right to uterus no opinion. That should be the norm. But it's really frustrating when you think about it. And all those pro life people, they're completely disregarding a woman's life when they say those things. Like her whole body, her mind, everything has to adapt while bringing this new person into this world. And it's up to the woman to take that decision in addition to all of these extra pressure by the society
Manalika Das
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Hi, Avneet. So first of all, I would like to say that I absolutely agree with whatever you have said. And secondly, the countries that believe that abortion is illegal or abortion should be considered as a crime does not have any idea about how a woman's body works and what will she go through if she endures such kind of pain. I mean, abortion, like not getting the right to abort a particular fetus can be so traumatic for females