Lil Spade
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Just got my license! / What did you do when you got your license?

Hey, everyone. So I'm 16, and today I just got my driver's license. I thought the test was going to be so hard, but it was actually pretty easy for me, at least, but. But I wanted to ask everyone, what did you do the first day you got your license

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Arish Ali
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I flunked my first driving test

I did an internship in California, and there were a bunch of us, my other friends of mine who had also come to California for internship. So we all pulled and got a rental car and spend that summer, whatever breaks and holidays you got during that internship, exploring California, Nevada, Oregon, and just driving around. So we made good use of that license
Daniel Hastings
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How to get your first car

I remember getting my first car, and I grew up in upstate New York, where it snowed a lot. And I remember I was at home. My parents had gone out of town, I think, or wait for the evening or something. And I was at home and my dad's car was in the garage. And I wanted to go to the high school to a basketball game to meet up with a girl that I wanted to see
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suvinda srikant
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#dallastoaustin 🚗 The day India beat Srilanka to win #2011worldcup #cricket

And even in my driving classes, I did very badly with this thing called half clutch. I don't know if everybody is aware of it. And guess what. I couldn't get the car up the slope. So I left the car right there and walked to my house and told my dad to bring the car home. Unfortunately, this was my first driving experience by myself
phil spade
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And the license picture was a big deal, because that was something that you carried around that was actually a picture of yourself. And the DMV just took lousy pictures, and it wasn't necessarily a contest. But it was kind of a rite of passage that to have this terrible picture of yourself that you had to carry around. And I still remember some of the terrible pictures I remember mine was okay. It wasn't anything that was really funny
Zoya Ali
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Driver license for court hearing

Well, in my defense, the main reason I was driving one fine night on a freeway in Ohio was because it was my birthday and I wanted to do something interesting like we all want to do right and thought that driving my friend's car for a bit wouldn't hurt. Oh, boy, was I wrong? The cop who pulled me over even chuckled at my stupidity
Bowie Rowan
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Congratulations. What an exciting time. I remember when I got my license very vividly, because I was able to borrow my Aunt's Honda Civic. It was magenta for the night and drive around and I had the windows down and I was listening to The Strokes first album very Loud, which I will link a song to here so you can enjoy
Dewuan .
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I’m almost there, but props to all of you! @Auburn

What do I plan to do when I get my license for the first time? Hopefully I pass the first try. I don't know. Honestly, I haven't made my mind up yet. If anything, I probably will cry to be honest with you, because it's been a long time coming. This is one of those Achilles heels. Things that always plagued me was always in my rear view mirror for lack of a better phrase. And I'm just determined to take the test
Zara Lisbon
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I know how dangerous that is. I've gotten so much better at all of that. But anyway, Congratulations for passing right away and forgetting to drive for the first time in your life. That's such an exciting transition from going from just being like, at your parents. If you want to go somewhere, you have to wait for them to be able to take you or find a friend who can drive. It's just such a game changer to be able to drive yourself. Amazing, beautiful
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