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Lil Spade

 · 3yr ago · 0:47

Opinions on distance learning

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"…I did like the flexibility that came with it, though there was no more waking up at 06:00 a.m. To catch a bus and I could comfortably sleep until noon and have enough time for homework. So I'd like to hear everyone's thoughts. What is your opinion of distance learning? Do you think it's effective compared to in class learning? And do you think think it should be implemented more.…"

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Shammi Mohamed

@shammi · 3yr ago · 0:39

Link to similar swell: https://app.swell.life/swellcast/p39u

"…Hello and welcome to Swell. This is a very interesting conversation. I believe there is already another threat going on somewhere else. And I will post that link over here for you to follow along there and for the benefit of others as well. I just wanted to tell you that it was really nice hearing from somebody as a student who's going through this because we, as adults are seeing this from I the eyes of our kids. And it was really nice to see what your point of view was.…"

Sudha Varadarajan

@sudha · 3yr ago · 0:46

Point of view of a 5th grader

"…So I was able to get it done in the morning, which gave me time for a lot of other things to do. It was a fun experience and if I could, I would continue with my whole life. It's it's been a lot of fun.…"


Vikas Gupta

@Vikas · 3yr ago · 3:49

"…We very much look forward to schools being open again in a safe way so that kids could benefit from being being in that environment and not purely running from home.…"


Shammi Mohamed

@shammi · 3yr ago · 2:14

"…And I never thought of it this way. But thanks for bringing it up, which is the inequity amongst kids, because you could have parents that are well educated and can afford to impart that education, knowledge and experience back to their kids during those crucial years in comparison to parents who probably are not very suited to do that along those lines. I have a question for you. This might be near and dear to you, considering your line of work. Is there an opportunity, not a business opportunity?…"

Vikas Gupta

@Vikas · 3yr ago · 2:47

"…Call it what you will that enables them to learn from home, whether that can be parents. Sure, if it can be. But I think in many cases probably in any case, it needs to be someone outside the family who can provide that level of support to children. That's where I would lean towards for distance learning to be an effective tool for all kids.…"

Bernie Goldbach

@topgold · 3yr ago · 2:00

@Auburn gotta have a schedule, don't you think?

"…Now I'm going to ask some of my students to comment on this because I think it's important the issues you raise, flexibility, ease of contact, and the effectiveness of learning when you're doing it through a computer screen. Interesting questions for the world.…"

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